An ever present and growing problem for the modern American man is that life, work, and play are not challenging enough. This is most perfectly demonstrated when our U.S. soldiers, who have been in the fight, come crashing back into the civilian world after a fulfilling, stressful, and action packed career in the military. After the hardships, fighting with and for their brothers, putting their life on the line for their country…..what is left for them when they come home? What is their next mission, their next adventure? What could possibly be more challenging than where they had just been?
The problem is that when these soldiers return to a society filled with comfort and softness, a chemical reaction occurs within their brain.  Something begins to change them within.  The man inside begins to feel like he will never have a worthwhile challenge, goal, or mission again.  Especially nothing like he has experienced in his prior experience. To the modern man returning from war, this is a soul killer.  This perspective quickly becomes the quicksand that displays how a lack of purpose, a lack of mission pulls men down without the ability to save themselves. It, over time, sucks every bit of who a man is away until there is nothing that defines him except a distant past version of him.
The truth is and the point I am trying to make here is that our past does NOT define us. It only equips us with the experience to move forward and push through boundaries and false limitations that society puts upon us. Our past teaches us that through our mistakes, we can be a better version of ourselves tomorrow. So, congrats on your new two minute education session.  That which has happened was yesterday.  Now, as true men, as true warriors, we push the boundaries into the future and begin to use what we have learned to ultimately succeed in life. After all, if a man stands still long enough, he will sink in the sand. Move, and move upward, you have yet to reach the peak.


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