Most men today are lost, wandering in the desert without purpose or drive.  Some men teeter on the border of depression and suffer from a lack of self worth and have little confidence in themselves.  The worst part is, most men don’t know why they are the way they are and end up withdrawn, ending up in a place where it becomes easy to just ignore their plight, often lashing out uncontrollably in anger coupled with a generally disgruntled attitude, showing a general lack of inspiration or zest for life.  

Unfortunately, as men in this situation sink further into their comfortable, easy lives, free from any sort of conflict or challenge, they lose their ability to be strong.  They become complacent and lose their sense of worth and exhibit a lack of any life vision or goal seeking pattern.  This ends up manifesting outside of them and negatively affects their home life, work life and so on. Avoidance of the uncomfortable tends to help them hide behind their smiles and as time goes by, it becomes harder and harder to reverse the damage.

If this is you, and if you have read this far, I can predictably say that it is, you have come to the right place.  The Forge was developed to help men find the truth.  It is here to show you how to step out into the world and face the uncomfortable.  We expose the lies we and tap into the raw nature of your true purpose as a man.

Deep down, you already know you feel and have some sense of what is wrong in your life.  While practice makes perfect, you may have perfected the ability to hide their imperfections.  In a society that rewards passivity and softness, it becomes something that looks natural on the outside that no one calls you out on.  This existence makes it easier to just roll with the punches life is dishing out.

Facing our truth as a man is uncomfortable.  Having the ability to seek the right answers and choose where you place your trust and time can be as difficult as it is to admit your own truth which is, that you lack the ability to face the fight because of a prolonged exposure to the comfortable and soft world around you.

To begin living, you must recognize that you have the ability to be great in anything you do.  Start by seeking out the aggression that is suppressed.  I also encourage you as a man, to find a way to let out your aggression in a healthy way.  Let the darkness within find the light by challenging yourself today. You can do this by seeking some sort of violent, yet controlled outlet such as boxing or jujitsu, for example.  If you work out at a gym frequently, you know that this isn’t the best place for an aggressive outlet. While its a start, its not a place of controlled violence.  If you are able to this, you will begin to realize your true potential as a man.

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