A friend posted a quick thought that caused me to think. The thought itself was incomplete and caused me to ponder a bit on its meaning. Let me share with you what I took from it.
As we know SpaceX CEO Elon Musk just launched a project that we have heard about for several years and it performed successfully.  In fact, it was in all accounts flawless. He launched the first high performance Falcon Heavy Rocket, kicking off the project SpaceX. All the mechanics and engineering that went into this rocket were considered best of the best. In order to be successful, not a single thing can be designed, or engineered wrong and everything must perform at the highest level in order to satisfy that success factor. The fuel, the calculations, the launch pad, the materials, the design crew…every little detail has to be done at an extreme level of precision and excellence. The result? High performance technology capable of breaching gravitational pull and reaching an exact destination above the atmosphere. If one thing was out of place, crooked, fallible such as using a lower grade fuel to cut some cost, the project would be a complete failure. All that time, all that work wasted.  And think of what it would cost SpaceX in dollars and cents?!
On the contrast, if you apply what we learn from Elon Musk in our own lives, we can indeed achieve a level of high performance. If your goals are set high enough and if you want to succeed at them while meeting the expectations you have laid out for yourself…….you must think of yourself as a high grade, high performance rocket able to conquer the pull of gravity and soar. The only way you will reach those high goals is if you have the right fuel, the right foundation, the right crew, the right calculations, and all of the highest grade materials you can source.
As a thought today and knowing what we now know, ask yourself: What do you put in your body? Who are your friends? Who do you surround yourself with? What are your goals? What plans have you created to reach your goals?
If you want to perform at a high level, you must be 100% high performance in every area of your life. In the end, performing at your peak will help you achieve your goals and your investment will pay off. Even though maintaining a high performance life costly in terms of time and effort………..it will cost much more if you don’t make those investments now?  Something to contemplate.


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