The Men of The Forge podcast brings you powerful content about becoming stronger, more successful leaders. Follow us on our journey of pushing the boundaries and limits of what is possible. Welcome to the men of the Forge podcast!

Welcome to the Men Of The Forge Podcast

Episode 0010: Vigilance Elite

In this episode we talk to former U.S. Navy Seal Shawn Ryan about what it means to Vigilant. Shawn started a company called Vigilance Elite, and its exploding. He has been sharing his knowledge on social media and on the range since he finished 9 yrs of contracting...

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EPISODE 0009: Pain Is Coming

Whether you like it or not, PAIN will be around your entire life. How you handle it will shape your future. You can have success by going head to head with your struggles, or....you can be neck deep in interest, and owe pain forever. Its your choice, control or be...

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Episode 0008: Don’t Skip The Struggle

Struggle is something that we, as men, must not avoid.  This episode talks about how struggle is part of the foundation of success in life.  As we struggle, we gain knowledge and experience and failure is part of growth as well. We must not skip the struggle to gain a...

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Episode 0007: The Ultimate Investment

You toss, you turn, you can barely sleep. Your mind is racing and you can’t seem to shut it off.  Any time you are idle your mind taps into its main fear which is often money, and we’ve all been there, in different ways and on different levels. Taking a loss or struggling financially can rock a man’s very soul. Investing is no different. The fear of losing money, for example, is one of most common inducers of stress. This week, Jon and Ryan talk about an Investment that will make you more confident every time you make it. An Investment with a return like no other.  An Investment that will pay out on a daily basis and for years to come………..We talk about the investment of YOU…..

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Episode 0003: Living A Lie

Men, we all lie.  We lie to ourselves, we lie to others, and we all live lies.  Why do we do this and how do we stop doing it?  This podcast delves into the complex depths of those nasty little things that break us down and hold us back.

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Episode 0001: Men Without A Mission

In this episode, Founders Jon Rossi and Ryan Edwards discuss the foundational aspects of The Forge and how it came to be.  What is the Forge?  How will it help men become better fathers, better husband, better warriors?  They discuss what event forged the idea of Men of the Forge and the long-standing and deep desires to help men break free from the stigma society places on what it means to be a true male and expose the lack of discomfort in mens lives today.

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