Stop for just a moment and look around and observe the people in your life: Your family, wife or girlfriend, your sons or daughters. Now imagine your circle of influence, your friends, coworkers, your employees your employers, any one you interact with on a daily basis. Observe all the people that are in your world. Now imagine yourself in the very center of that world. Imagine that world as a kingdom, with you being placed in the center.  YOU, weather you like it or not are the KING of the kingdom, the world that you perceive. You may be acting as the village drunk, the jester, maybe you are the quiet servant living in the castle basement……but make no mistake you are in the position to reign and rule……….and my friends……IF THE KING DOES NOT RISE. THE KINGDOM DIES.  Today we will be talking about HOW TO RISE A KING.  Join us as we begin this three part series dubbed RISE AS KING.  This is Part 1: Taking Ownership.



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