The King stands strong on the high ground. He does not move or flinch, he is motionless as a statue sculpted from stone. It is cold.  The wet cold that chills straight through all insulation and straight to the bone. But the king stands fast. Ready, waiting for the perfect moment to strike violently at the heart of the enemy that dares threaten his kingdom. He has gathered the men that are strongest, he has gathered the men willing to stand, and fight. They do so with no quarter, and without hesitation, because they know exactly what they are fighting for and why.  They fight for their kingdom. And for those within. The conflict will come, it will find you.  It will find your kingdom…..AND IF THE KING DOES NOT RISE. THE KINGDOM DIES.  Join us as we continue part 2 of this three part series dubbed RISE AS KING.  This is Part 2: Stand and Fight


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