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"Where there is no vision, the people perish." Proverbs 29:18. From one of the oldest books in history, we find this fundamental concept. No king, no leader, no influencer can effectively establish a role that people will follow without a vision. I do not know anyone...

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The Darkness Within

Most men today are lost, wandering in the desert without purpose or drive.  Some men teeter on the border of depression and suffer from a lack of self worth and have little confidence in themselves.  The worst part is, most men don’t know why...

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Your past does not define you…

An ever present and growing problem for the modern American man is that life, work, and play are not challenging enough. This is most perfectly demonstrated when our U.S. soldiers, who have been in the fight, come crashing back into the...

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Precision Determines Success

A friend posted a quick thought that caused me to think. The thought itself was incomplete and caused me to ponder a bit on its meaning. Let me share with you what I took from it.

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