“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18. From one of the oldest books in history, we find this fundamental concept. No king, no leader, no influencer can effectively establish a role that people will follow without a vision. I do not know anyone that would just follow someone anywhere if its clear they do not know where they are going. I know that I would not. I know many men that don’t understand why their wives will not follow them, why their employees do their own thing, or why people in general do not take them seriously. Its a very common issue, with a fundamental answer. You must have a vision, and you must be able to communicate it appropriately. We could go on and on about quality one must obtain to lead, but without this first component, its useless. I have caught myself many times, and struggle even now with having an amazing, incredible, and perfect vision, but failed to communicate that vision to those I needed aboard my ship when we set sail for this glorious destination trapped in my mind. Sometimes I have gotten so focused on my awesome visions that I just head out and assume everyone is with me. This is a classic mistake, one that is sure to sink the s.s. captain awesome before it even leaves port. Find your vision, keep it fresh, and most importantly communicate it to your kingdom.

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